Have you been refused in Canada?

Are you a Refused to Visit or Study in Canada?

Do you believe you have received an unfair decision?

Have you been refused permanent or work permit entry to Canada?

Citizenship Refusal?

PR Card Refusal?

Marriage Sponsorship Case Refusal?

It is important that if your immigration application was refused, you act very quickly. There are strict appeal deadlines that must be followed in order to secure your rights. It is therefore important that you contact a qualified immigration firm to quickly assess your case and outline your options without delay.

Why Did My Canadian Immigration Application Get Refused?

When applications do not meet the various standards and criteria set out in the Immigration Regulations and Manuals, then the likely result is a refusal. However, in many cases, Canadian immigration officers may make mistakes in their decisions. They often are too strict in their interpretation of the guidelines or they simply fail to review all the documentation and information in an application. Sometimes applicants are called for a personal interview and the immigration officer does not believe the applicant is credible or trustworthy.

Whatever the reason for the refusal, it is important to act very quickly once you are notified that your case was denied. You should then seek out a qualified and experienced Canadian immigration lawyer who is licensed. If your case has merit, then an Immigration Appeal should be considered.

What Option Is Right For You?

It depends on a number of factors such as the nature of the case. For example, was it a Skilled Worker Application, Canadian Sponsorship Application or Canadian Visa refusal?

And it also depends on where the Canadian immigration application was filed and processed. Was your Canadian immigration application filed within Canada or at a Canadian consulate or embassy outside of Canada?

Depending on these factors, you may have options to appeal your case, re-apply or get it resolved through government channels. The key is to get a quick evaluation of your case before your appeal rights are terminated.

Why Hire our Lawyers to Help You With Your Refusals?

If your immigration application was refused, then contact us right away. Delaying could mean that you will lose your appeal rights.

Our lawyers have helped thousands of people successfully appeal their refused immigration application, and we are certain we can help you too!We represent several clients every year at the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration Division and the Refugee Protection Division.

At Global Links Immigration office, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading Immigration firms that deal with refusals and litigation. We represent individuals and families dealing with all refusals including family class, TRV, permanent residency cases, citizenship and refugee matters.If your case is refused or getting delayed the reasons behind can be found out and corrective action taken.

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