My name is Ahwaque and I was a Pakistani National when I approached Global Links 7 Years ago. Now I came back to Dubai and I am very proud to say that I am a Canadian Citizen now. And I am very much delighted to see that Global Links has expanded their business. You have been with me all the way through, very organised & responsive team, & easy company to work with. I enjoy our partnership" Thank you Global Links Team..


Thank you Global Links for helping me to fulfil my dream of Canada Visa. Off course you are the most trusted and experienced firm in UAE.


One of my friend who has migrated through Global Lawyers suggested me this firm and am quite thankful to him since I have received my visa now. Thank you Global Links.

Mary Grace

I am from Philippines and I was working in Dubai when I choose Global Lawyers for the Canada visa. And I am very thankful to Global Links team for their service.


Thank you for Global Links for assisting me to obtain my Canada visa so easily.


I am from Kenya and am very thankful to Global Lawyers for advising me on the process of getting my Canada visa. I am very much confident that they are pioneers in the immigration field. And I do remember one of my friend has already migrated through Global Links far before in the year of 2009. From 2009 onwards they have office in UAE and still they do visa assistance in a proper way.


Thank you Global Lawyers for your valuable assistance

Dig Vijay Singh

Hi Global Lawyers. Thank you for your valuable support and guidance on my application to Canada. I will definitely refer you to all of my friends who looks for Migration or jobs in Canada.

Domtican Kipas

I really appreciate the end-to-end service I got from you. Global Links did take care of my visa issue from the very beginning to the very end, and it made me to not to feel left alone for this long period of time.I will recommend you to my friends seeking immigration assistance, and will keep in touch with you for my later immigration matters for sure.


That is a truly great success in my life thanks for your innovative and excellent services.Your services are honest and transparent that is rare in the area of providing immigration services.I would be your loyal customer and will actively recommend your company to any one who needs a right path to Canada.


This is to confirm on the receipt of the documents and my gratitude to you Global Links. No words could express my happiness at this moment.Anyways, again thank you very much for all the efforts put in my application.

Geraldine Reyes

Many thanks for this and for your work in preparing the visa application.As for a testimonial, suffice to say that I was very happy with the speed and ease of the application process. Everything was clearly laid out and easily understandable.I was very pleased with the process.

Glenda Jose

I'm really impressed at how Global Links have thorough knowledge and information about the immigration laws and provided me the best and clearest pathway to permanent residency.You get what you pay for - I'm totally satisfied with what I get for what I paid.I've already recommended Global Links to few of my friends and my sister.The team is very friendly and professional.

Hukam Singh

Thank you for all the friendly help and for the letting me feel always confident to have made the right choice stepping into your office. It was pleasant working with you, I wish you the best in future.I would strongly recommend your service to anyone for any immigration matters.

Maged Kamel

I would like to thank you for all your efforts and advices. I am very happy with your organization, team and services. Your organization is excellent and it was my pleasure to be your client. Thank you again for all of your help and support. Wish you and your company all the best.

Mary rose

"Global Links is the best migration service provider I've ever had."

Agnes Garcia

Global Links and their team are client-focused and delivered the visa we were expecting within the required time period. Their experience and knowledge expertise ensured our unique circumstance was comprehensible and timely.

Antony T Y

Global Links and their team is amazing. They helped me through the permanent residency process and were so efficient I never worried about my immigration status.

Banwar Lal

"Going through the immigration process was long and stressful. Without the help of Global Links, I don't think I would have been successful in gaining my permanent residency. The team answered all my questions plus guided me through the whole process step by step. I would recommend Global Links to anyone who needs to use their service. They are a professional, experienced team and pay close attention to details."

Ben Johnson

"This was my first experience using an immigration service and I am extremely satisfied with how things went. If I had questions, answers from Global Links were only an email away, with very quick responses. Everything went smoothly, Thanks to Global Links and their team".

Bernadette Buban

"During the past two years, dealing with Global Links Immigration I have nothing but good things to say. I was initially referred to them by a friend to get a Labour Market Opinion for a new work permit, after getting there, I hired them to help me through the application for Permanent Residence. I found their services to be well priced, organized, courteous and highly professional... I would not hesitate to recommend them because they made the daunting experience of immigration as stress free as possible."


"I am very thankful for a very wonderful service that you rendered to me throughout the whole processing period of my documents in coming to Canada. You assisted not only me but all members of my family and you patiently assisted us through the whole process of our Permanent Resident Visas."


"I recommend Global Links for their migration services given theirr expertise in handling case-by-case situation to better understand the client's need and respective best-suited opportunities. They advised me during the critical phases of migration and helped me in taking some sound decisions."


"Thank you so much for your help and efforts in my visa application. You have been very helpful and I would highly recommend you for everyone since your services is outstanding.


Global Links did a wonderful job in my permanent residency case; they are extremely knowledgeable and were always ready to answer any question I had during the process. Thank you all for helping me to make my dream comes true!"

Mohammad Sarkar

"I am just so grateful to be working with such an efficient legal team at Global Links."

Mohd Aslam

"I can't tell you how appreciative we are of you stepping into this mess and seeing it through to the end - we love to work with you, not only because you're fun, but are so skilled in these matters. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!!!"

Om Prakash

"We are so thrilled to have this perfect outcome. Thank you so much for all of your help with the process. It is quite involved and we could not have done it without you."


"I wanted to thank you for your support through our visa application process. We really appreciated the professionalism of your office. It gave us confidence while so much of our life was uncertain."

Sumit Chetry

"I would also like to take this opportunity to convey my appreciation for the professional, fast and efficient manner with which my case was dealt by both yourself and your staff, without which I would not have been able to achieve this position."

Tahkur Prasad

"Thanks for reacting so quickly to this situation - much appreciated."


"Thank you ever so much for being so prompt. I can honestly say that there is no company like Global Links who are so committed to their customers."


"We are thankful to you and your lawyers for all the support that you are offering us through Global Links, to obtain the Visa to Canada, that was our dream for a long time."


"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all that you have done for us over our move to Canada. All we have done this week is talk excitedly about our plans and the proposed move! You are helping to make this dream come true and I can't thank you enough!"

Dipak Sarkar

Go for it! And make sure you do so with the help of Global Links. They surely live up to their name.

Eric Rous

Global Links looks at a client's options from every possible angle and never went down without a fight. Such a complex process is made a pleasant experience knowing you have representatives who knew extensively how to handle a situation.


The services received from Global Links were VERY PROFESSIONAL. I have never known people to be so patient as they were with me. Surely, in my own opinion... I was the most annoying client they had but they always were calm, polite and very positive.


I would highly recommend you to use Global Links, as they are indeed the experts, in making it happen and are very successful. Global Links made this process happen for me in a professional manner.

Krishna Prasad

Outstanding! Very professional, courteous, timely and knowledgeable. I am impressed with Global Link's Lawyers thorough and responsible work. They made a complex and difficult process easily accessible and a pleasant experience.


Prompt, professional, and reassuring.


I really can't thank Global Links enough. I am so excited to get the new chapter of my life started and am so thankful for all the help I received. I, without reserve, recommend this company to anyone who is contemplating starting the immigration process.


Thank you once again for all your advice, help and persistence in assisting me to achieve this goal. I know without a doubt that I would not have managed to find my way through the Immigration Maze without you. I will be forever grateful to have been fortunate enough to have made contact with you all those years ago, and to have had the benefit of your expertise and knowledge to get me to this point.

Mohammad Abu Hamdah

Global Links worked with me to achieve my Canadian Permanent Residency and begin my new life! It was a pleasure to work with him and his staff. They were always knowledgeable, dependable, and conscientious; offering us timely information and excellent advice.


Thank you very much Global Links! I do not think I could have done it without your help and continual guidance. I would gladly recommend anyone for your services.

Ram Mohan

Thank you for your excellent and professional service. Your communications were prompt and your correspondence detailed which made our process most efficient. We greatly appreciate what you have done.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for all your helpful advice in the past which has led to my Permanent resident status. It's been a struggle and I am very happy to say it's over! I can now focus on making the best of my life in Canada...the best country in the world! Thanks again Global Links.


Since our first meeting I felt confident and every time I phoned you for advice, your staff was always friendly, helpful and we got your responses immediately. For all your patience, thanks.

Thejram Betawal

I want to send a note of thanks to you and your staff for all your assistance with obtaining permanent residence status for. The guidance and support that your office gave us and your high level of professionalism exceeded our expectations. We will recommend your law office without reservation to anyone in need of immigration services.

Rajan Shresta

Hi I am Rajan from Nepal and I finally got the visa, I am very thankful to Global Lawyers and especially to its staff for assisting us to our dreams come true. Hopefully Global Lawyers will help more people to achieve their dream, finally thanks to them again.

Zakir Kashi

I am so much happy to have my visa for Canada and I would like to thank Global Lawyers for their great services and support.

Nuwan Gedara

Thank you so much Global Lawyers for inspiring us, it's been so long but it's worth waiting for, it was our dream which becomes reality now. About Global Lawyers, if you are in Global Links you are really in safe hand, they are very accommodating, so thanks to Global Lawyers.

Laisy Thomas

Hi My name is Laisy Thomas a Staff Nurse in Abu Dhabi, today I have have got our Canada Visa with my Family, We are very happy and we would like to thanks Global Lawyers for their service, I will recommend my friends and those who wants to go Canada must visit Global Links.

Jesus De Guzan Lina

Hi, I am Jesus and I am from Philippines. First of all let me thank Global Lawyers they are very professional in what they do. They know each step very clearly so again thank you very much, I appreciate very much what you did for us.


My Name is Geraldine from Philippines, today is a very special day for me, I would say Its very nice experience with Global Lawyers, I always get response from their staff I wish you all the best, and thank you very much..

Jaipee- Filipino

Thank you so much, I am very glad today as I have got the chance to go to Canada, I am thankful to Global Lawyers and their staff for being cooperative.

Rabin- Filipino

I am so happy that we have got the visa, this is possible with the help of Global Lawyers only, I would like to thanks Global Lawyers and their staff for their support and services.


First of all I would like to thanks Global Lawyers for having this opportunity, it helped me a lot, this is a bridge to dream quickly, actually I had so many failures in the past. I applied to Global Lawyers when I came to Dubai from Nepal and their consultants are very cooperative and very supportive they will give you all the best options for your interest only, they will not tell lies, Global Lawyer's are very cooperative and supportive, finally thank you so much.

Yassir Mimar

First of all thank you very much Global Lawyers, I really like your services. Whenever I had any query I just called your office and I was getting very professional and right answer from your staff, Also I directly was dealing with company's head which really impressed me.

Saad Arafath

I am Jordan National I am really surprise the way your staff welcome me, I am very happy to see this passport with Visa, Thank you.


I am a Pakistan national and today I am very happy as I have got my Canada Visa, Thanks to Global Lawyers for all the support and guidelines, It was my dream that comes true today because of them, I advice all my friends to join Global Links if they want their dream to become reality.

Tijo Sebastian

It was a very good experience to have a client relationship with your esteemed firm.Thanks and highest regards.


I am very happy with the fast, effecient, courteous and friendly service I got from Global Lawyers for our immigration case. We have referred many of our family members and friends and they all are happy too.

Maria Garcia

The consultation and guidance provided by Global lawyers only, helped me to get the visa for Canada. I refer many clients to them now. Thank you.

Olivia Mariscal Basco

Myself and my entire family would like to thank you all for your advice and the professional way in which you handled our applications for Canadian permanent residency. It is wonderful to deal with such a professional setup like Global Lawyers. A special thanks for the sound guidance and and personalized handling of our cases throughout.


I am a Filipino and I have advised by Global Lawyers throughout on my application process to Canada. Thank you Global Lawyers.

Jimson Joseph

I am from Kerala and I Just want express our gratitude and appreciation for all the work you have done for us! And I would like to thank you for your great advice and help. It's truly a reflection of your firm's professionalism and commitment to your clients. Thank you once again for helping us to achieve our goals.


First of all thank you very much Global Links, I really like your services. Whenever I had any query I just call to your office and I was getting very professional and right answer from your staff, also I directly was dealing with company's head which really impressed me. Thank you for assisting me to get a Canadian Visa.


I am from Kerala and I was working as a Staff Nurse in UAE when I heard about Global Lawyers. The immigration service provided for my family by Global Lawyers has been first class. The information given to me in regard to procedures and expectations has always been honest and realistic. The staffs have always been professional and accessible. You can have full confidence, assuming that you provide all the documents that are requested of you, that your expectations will be met. In summation, I wholeheartedly recommend Global Links for all your Canadian immigration needs.

Manalo Amera

As far as I know Global Links do take good care of their client's which made them very successful in this field. With their efforts only, I could stamp my visa for Canada so easily. So, I would suggest all of you to go with Global Links Immigration as they are one of the best immigration agents with global recognition.


It was a very good experience to have a client relationship with your esteemed firm. Thanks and highest regards." I am in Canada now, well settled with the help of Global Links only.


"Thank you so much Global Links Team, for helping me out during the process. Your help has been invaluable to me and I don't know how I would have managed without the team's help and support.


Thank you Global Links. I am sure your expertise on the Canadian visa only helped to reach to Canada. Thank you once again.

Janaka Perera

I would liket to recommend Global Links to all, who has helped me to get my Canadian visa so easily.

Audi Sarit

Thanks to Global Links, without their help I couldn't get my visa to Canada. I am very much exited to recommend them to anybody who wishes to apply for Canada.


I would like to recommend Global links to all, since the service which I have received from them was excellent. They are the true consultants with international connections with many lawyers in Canada and all over the world. Thank you once again for assisting me to get a visa for Canada.

Efemia Obrique

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to entire team of Global Links for their continuous efforts, guidance, cooperation, and support on Canada visa processing for me and my husband. The decision of my selection, of Global Links was based on my study and interview from those people who had applied through other companies and Global Links. I sincerely acknowledge the recommendation of one of my colleague at Emirates Flight catering, for Global Links and for sure, it was my right decision, I have referred many of my colleagues to them and they are very happy, they always appreciate Global Links, whenever they meet me. Great job done Global Links! continue the same with all your clients, you are the true market leaders.


When I was working with Mc Donald's, one of friend told me about Global Links. No doubt they are true professionals in the migration industry and with their help only I am now well settled in Canada.


I have applied for a visa to Canada with the help of Global Links and now is well settled in Canada, and the experience for me with Global Links was top class, I found them very helpful and cordial through the whole process , I would therefore recommend Global Links to all aspirants who want to apply for a visa to Canada.


Thank you for Global Lawyers for assisting me to Reach Canada.


Thank you for Global Lawyers for assisting me to get our Permanent Residence Visa to Canada. Now we are settled in Canada. It is because of their good advice and good knowledge on the application procedure to Canada, helped us to reach Canada. If anybody wants to immigrate to Canada, you can approch Global Lawyers without any hesitation.

Mr & Mrs. Shahid

Thank you Global Links Lawyers for giving all the support and guidelines on our application to Canada. Now we are settled in Canada and we do refer clients to Global Lawyers even now. They have provided me all the required information which normally I did not get when I approached few other agencies. Their explanation was simple and easy to understand. If you need any further clarification do not hesitate to contact us. My email id is- mehanaz.shahid@gmail.com . All best Global Lawyers.


I didn't knew that the Visa for Australia was this much easy to get. Global Links you are great! Thank you 100 times. Global Links has a great team to work on the Australian application and they do know all the process for the Immigration to Australia. I am very thankful to Global Lawyers for making my dream of Landing in Australia comes true.


I came to know about Global Lawyers through one of my friend who has already migrated to Australia via Global Links. Their counseling was remarkable. They did not only explained the whole process but made me understand on how it works. Because of their professionalism only I got my Australian Visa fast. I got my visa stamped very easily and now I am happily settled in Australia.


Thank you Global Lawyers for giving guidelines on my visa application to Canada.

Pradeep Kumar

Thank you Global Lawyers for helping me to get my Immigrant visa to Canada.


First and foremost I'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU! Thank you Global Lawyers and I will always be grateful. Thank you once again and I wish you success in your career and may God bless you.

Ajay Arora

Thank you Global Lawyers for all the assistance and guidelines which I got for processing my immigrant application to Canada. I will recommend global Lawyers to everyone who wish to settle in Canada.


Thanks for Global Lawyers for guiding me to process my work permit visa to Canada.