Global Lawyers, as the name suggests, is a company set up by a group of renowned lawyers. Our presence is global.

The litigation practice of Global Lawyers has been a cornerstone of the firm's practice since it's inception. Hence, we grant significant importance to this sector.

Our litigation attorneys handle cases from local litigation to complex international disputes. We have tried cases and brought arguments before the UAE Supreme Court as well as the regional and federal tribunals across the country.

Our lawyers have rights of audience in Dubai Courts, all Emirates Courts and Tribunals, the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Rent Committee. As well as the Dubai International Arbitration Centre and other national and international arbitration centers.

Our lawyers have wide expertise in disputes, acquired from variant sectors that include Civil, Commercial.

Attention to details in all procedure is vital to the outcome of a case, as well as meticulous collaboration with our clients and a well-drafted argumentation.

With the aid of our highly experienced litigation lawyers,we conduct the following:

Registering Criminal Cases at Court

Conducting Claims and/or Settlements

Resolving Civil or Criminal cases before Courts

Preparing all kinds of Attachments

Imposing Travel Bans

Performing all other necessary Functions and Procedures necessary to bring a case to a Final Judgment in our Clients Favor.

Global Lawyers boasts a professional team with a successful track record in dealing with the following cases:

Corruption and Bribery

Accidents and Death claims

Embezzlement and Forgery

Money Laundering

Corporate Fraud

Breach of Trust

Global Lawyers can assist you in India, Canada and Australia too.

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